We Keep Us Safe: Police Brutality & State Violence

Brea and Carmen interlaced the histories of Black and Mexican people in the context of U.S. policing, state-sanctioned violence and white supremacist terrorism.
Each of these women shared deeply troubling information about their experiences trying to get information about what happened to their loved ones from police in New York, California and Texas.
Visit untilfreedom.com/breonnataylor to get involved
Follow @justiceforakbarrogers and @nyjusticeleague to stay involved in Long Island.
Follow @justiceforjaykie to stay involved in San Joaquin County
Solutions & Next Steps, moderated by Keris Lové and featuring Dr. Melina Abdullah, New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake, Anthony DiMartino and London Arnold.



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The Gathering for Justice

The Gathering for Justice

Building a movement to end child incarceration & transform the justice system. #JusticeLeagueNYC | CashApp: $Gathering4Justice | www.gatheringforjustice.org/